Sunday, November 15, 2009

The one thing I would like everyone to know about me is that I am Stefanie's man! I feel so good about myself knowing that I am associated with such a cool girl. Everyone knows that Stefanie is fun-loving; and since she loves me, it must mean that I am fun too! I never knew I was cool. The best thing about Stefanie for me is how great a wife she is......seriously, I thought having a wife was supposed to be the worst, but she is so funny. The best is when I am getting all worried about some temporary thing, all absorbed by some stressful task, and she will throw in a comment that is so off-topic and funny that it snatches me entirely away from what I was worried when I was finishing an essay, and my brain was so exhausted from working on it that I was useless, and she says something like "Punch-Bob-Square'n-the-Pants". She gets me every time.

Another thing I am so proud of is that I am a daddy! Our baby Lucy is too cute. I want everyone to meet her and hold her. You should meet her. Really, it would do us some good if you could hold her: My arms are getting tired.
Stefanie told me that I could also write a few things on this blogoramma if I wanted. It is called "Blake AND Stefanie" after all. I feel like if I ever have anything to say to the masses, it is either some sort of rant or some sort of praise of someone I know. For some strange reason, I feel the need to express my opinions to as many people as I possibly can.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Me? Blogging?

It's true!! I've finally joined the wonderful world of blogging!.... it was only a matter of time. I only hope I can keep it up. I have this thing where I never finish what I start... sewing projects, crafts, laundry, dishes, exercising ..... I can however always finish my food. Here's to a new me???? Hopefully this can be my new addiction... it seems more fun than writing in a journal, so here I go!! ( and really what else do i have to do...... )

I'm married to my wonder boy babe Blake Hyde, who is the funniest and most kind husband I could ever ask for, and together we have our beautiful baby girl Lucy.... who is seriously the prettiest baby I have ever seen (currently conked out on the couch finally..... she has bad gas). She is now 3 months old and I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I'm looking forward to sharing our goings on around here, and hope others enjoy reading about nothing.