Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 years old....

It's hard to believe my baby came out like this. Thank you for quickly shifting your skull back onto your head. Here is my little alien just 1 year ago.
However she quickly turned into a well rounded perfectly proportioned lady.
I could not have imagined that my sweet little angel (above) could do something like this Below) in just 1 years time. what will become of her in the next year? I'm already afraid.
Thank you for finding the flour bag on the floor, and throwing it all over..... Blake and I just stood there laughing at you while taking your pictures. Just don't do it again!!

she loved opening her presents!... sometimes.... she mostly didn't care
about anything(except for all the attention she was getting)... until we sat her on her new little car from Uncle scott and soon to be Auntie Erin!!

I don't think she could have smiled anymore!

When I turned 1 my mom made me this same bear cake... so I decided to carry on the tradition! I baked the cake.... and Blake decorated it. (what a man right?) and of course she loved it. she couldn't get enough. thats Grandpa Hyde helping her with the cake!

Lucy was such a funny girl on her birthday . I can't even believe she is 1 now. I didn't even believe she looked 1 until I saw these pictures and saw how OLD she looked!!! we love her and are so excited to see what next year will be like as she gets funnier and funnier!

Oh and did I mention she started WALKING???? yup right on her Birthday. I think that makes her officially 1?

I just can't seem to get enough of this face.... and apparently she can't either! she make it at least a hundred times a day after every thing she does.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More camping pics?

for some reason it's like my blog can only handle so many pictures without deleting other ones?

here are a couple more gooder camping pics.

spending some time with Auntie Emily

Blakes Speedo upon her head.

she's pretty cute
Her new face? she does this every 5 minutes now.

Blake and I love to camp! so if you need some camping buddies ever! you know who to call!!


Every year my family (cousins and all) go camping at Kimball lake for 2 weeks. All they do it sit by the lake, swim, and read, and eat ice cream from the shop. It's wonderful. Maybe sometime I'll be able to go the full 2 weeks again... but until then.... we'll just go for a couple nights... which is all I really needed with Lucy pants and all. It's hard to think of camping food for a little babe.... cause if it was just blake and I, all we would eat are HOT DOGS! but seeing as how I am responsible for her health I had to switch it up a bit.... other than worrying about food, there was nothing else to worry about. Lucy was the perfect camper!
Lucy's favorite pastime at the lake... eating the sand

Trying to steel some ones snacks. I'm pretty sure she succeeded

Family dingy Pic

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Fun

It's starting to feel like fall, and that's OK !.... I love summer and am sad to see it so quickly departing. Today on this wonderful blog, I'm mostly posting up pictures of the Olsen /Olson? I forget :) family reunion (blakes side) in Mountain View,where we all stayed at Payne Lake lodge, which I absolutely Loved! I absolutely love Mountain View and Waterton and so my heart was reunited once again with the piece it left behind (since a pice of my heart resides in waterton all year round). So you can imagine how Happy I was to bring Lucy up the Ol Bears Hump! her first of many I hope. Just look at em pics!

Lucy and Blake getting ready to climb!

Climbing! (blake is sooo stong, one of the reasons I married him of course)

If only Lucy knew ho
w cool she was at the moment! hopefully she will understand how awesome and magical Waterton is someday....

and of course we have to cruise the town while we are there!

can I just say how much I love this little Umbrella stroller? it fit's everywhere, it's a feather weight... Lucy loves being so close to the ground close to all the action.. she could stay in there for HOURS! and she did!