Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Love Our Girls

Stefanie and I just love our kids.
Many people can understand why we do, but for those who do not realize just how fun and sweet our girls are, here's some proof:

Poppy is a funny little bean... Here's a picture of what it's like when Daddy takes care of her while Mommy and Lucy are at the store.  We had some beans for supper.  Just Beans.

Whether she's just cleaned-up or all messy, Poppy manages to enjoy whatever it is she's doing.  She loves to play with her Daddy.

But I know where I rank according to little Poppy.  She loves her mommy much more than me.  Who would blame her?

As for Lucy. . . She is becoming a woman right before our very eyes.  Her thoughts get more complex as she grows, but she is still a fun-loving 2.5 year old and definitely thinks like one.

This is a picture of Lucy hiding from the "Reindeers" right outside our front door.

While I was away one day, Stefanie told me about something that Lucy said before she fell asleep:

Stefanie was putting Poppy to sleep in Poppy's room. Lucy was lying in her bed reading 2 tiny books that Stef gave her to read by herself.  

Stefanie said "goodnight Lucy" 

Lucy said "goodnight mom!" . . 

"I love you Lucy"

"I love you mom!". . . .

then there was silence.  

Lucy then yelled out "You're pretty momma!"

"you're pretty too Lucy"

she said "your pretty" again

and Stef said "you're beautiful"


and then she fell asleep.