Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hanging out in the cold!
Mystique beach in victoria

wild peacock? just hanging out.....

I don't know how to put pictures in between what I'm writing after i've already written everything... for some reason they always want to go to the top of the page... and I am not smart enough to figure out how to move them... so here are a few pics of our trip!

We got back from our trip of the century on monday!!!! we were gone for 2 weeks, and it seems that no matter how fun and exciting your trip is, it's always nice to come home and sleep in your OWN BED! ...... well.... if your beds anything like mine is.....

First we started in Fairmont with the Hyde side of the fambo.....

Day 1 - arrive and watch Olympic opening ceremonies
Day 2 - some people went snowboarding .. but the breast feeding mother of a baby who does not eat from a bottle, went "shopping" in town with the grandma Hyde, and Kenzie..... then we watched olympics....and to end the night off with a little hot spring action! Lucy's first swimming experience!! FUN!!

Day 3 - went to church, watched olympics
Day 4 - went swimming, Watched Olympics
Day 5 - left at 6 am to start our loooong drive to Abbottsford where we had dinner with Blakes cousins the Kennesy's and then off to the fairy to take us to our next Destination... VICTORIA!!!

Victoria is beautiful, but there is something about being on an island that I don't like. I could never live there.... but it sure is nice to visit! especially to see my Ali! We stayed at Ali and Dave Wights house where we did the fun tourist things like ...
Day 6 - go to the warf. and go shopping by the sea, and eat at a ridiculously expensive restaurant that overlooks the ocean... watch olympics
Day 7 - went shopping with ali, and later found a park with wild peacocks ?? ... watch olympics
Day 8 - hike through a jungle to get to a beach and have a picnic!! (my favorite day in Victoria)... watch olympics
Day 9 - pure boredom.... Blake had to work on his school, so Rebecca Smith picked me up and took me to this "mountain" which was really a big hill, that over looked Victoria.. then we watched some more olympics...
Day 10 - go to church - come home early because for some reason lucy is puking in the water fountain and all over the carpet....... so we watched some olympics
Day 11 - our final day of Victoria.... loaded up onto the fairy to start some more fun!!! off to the
Kenessey's again..... blake worked on his school... i watched olympics
Day 12 - I watched Olympics.... blake worked on school
Day 13 - Krista and her 2 boys took us to White rock! we had a nice walk down the beach and then went for some good ol Fish and Chips at the most beautiful cute restaurant I have ever been too... and then off to Vancouver for real Olympics fun!!!!
Day 14 - walk around and enjoy the pure olympics chaos... and eat for free at the athlete lounge for families :) we got the hook up... people just loved to give things away for free... so blake packed our diaper bag full of chocolate bars and candy ;) ... we love free things and arn't ashamed.
Day 15 - 4 man BOBSLEIGH!! my brother's team placed 2 in the first 2 heats..... we were VERRY excited
Day 16 - BAHHHHH David's in 2 still after the 3rd!!! if only they can hold on to their spot for their final heat!!!! ......... missed the silver and 1 1ooths of a second.... dang!!! but still got a medal! it was awesome! we were soooo proud! and still are!
Day 17 - drove into Vancouver 1 more time to see david and to touch the Bronze medal with our own hands....
Day 18....... Finally..... drive 12 hours and sleep in my bed..... and Lucy did sooo great :) we are sooo proud!!!