Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cereal and Waffles

We tried to see if Lucy would eat some rice cereal...... 1 hour later she was barfing up a storm.... could it be related? we don't know. She was barely moving... almost like a dead fish? her skin was yellow and she kept puking up green foam, you could say I was a little worried. She seemed sick for a couple hours... and then slept. In the morning she was perfectly fine. Other then her rice cereal scare, she seems to have really enjoyed sucking on oranges... but could not tolerate the applesauce. The adventure begins!!!! I've very excited to introduce foods to her. I know I shouldn't be in a huge rush for her to grow up, but she seriously needs to grow. We have had a tough go at the whole feeding her thing since birth and so I'm ready to give her MORE!!!

Also blake made a request for waffles at 3 in the morning for breakfast. I thought he was talking in his sleep again. He actually woke up in the morning and made waffles. Not just ordinary waffles, but waffles AND fruit topping?? what a man! I'm sooo lucky.


  1. Poor girl! and poor parents too! I'm sorry this is happening. How scary. I'm glad she is okay. And i love comic book lucy! So cute!

  2. How did she find using a spoon?? hopefully shes taking it better!