Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter dress

For Easter this year I decided that I wanted to attempt an Easter dress of some sort for Lucy. I always tell myself that I'll sew things.... but I never do... cause really I don't really think of myself as a sewer or seamstress of any kind, because really all I know how to do is a hem or straight lines..... which is why this dress was perfect!!! I went online and found a simple dress pattern called a pillow case dress (lots of room for creative anything) it is the EASIEST dress pattern ever. I didn't even need to ask for help once. I'm VERY proud of myself. Mostly I'm just happy that I finished it, and that it fit...but not for long, it's on the smallish side.. but it served it's purpose. EASTER!!!

Lucy with her cousin Charlotte hanging out on the couch.

Lucy loving herself in the mirror..... can you blame her??
(p.s. she is awesome at sitting on her own... sooo grown up)


  1. such a cute dress!!! very impressed you sewed it! I don't think i could do that! she's looking all grown up sittnig there!

  2. stef your awesome, and your babe is adorable

  3. Oh she is cute!!! i cant wait to finally meet her this summer at the reunion!

  4. she is SO cute!! Good job on making a dress!! I hear it becomes addicting.