Sunday, July 18, 2010

where did my baby go?

Lucy is 11 months old..... WHAT?? she'll be a year next month? WHAT?? Time fly's when you're having fun right? I guess it's time to have another one? hmmm we'll have to think about this one. Back to lucy.. she is becoming quite the character! I wish everyone could see what a day in the life of watching Lucy is all about. I guess that's what I get for marrying Blake. I should have known that a Stef and Blake combo would be out of control poor poor offspring. Here is a list of Lucy CAN DO's

Lucy can Sing.. sometimes too loud and at all the wrong times
Lucy can Dance.... definitely to the beat of her own drum, but it's dancing just the same
Lucy can crawl..... much tooo fast .. she's just GO GO GO! who wants to nap?? not Lucy
Lucy can wiggle.....she does this weird back and forth wiggle thing when she's happy. I love it.
Lucy can click her tongue
Lucy can drink juice from her juice box
Lucy can eat..... she loves anything you stick in front of her ... she'll try and take it out of my mouth sometimes
Lucy can say "baba" in a high pitched girly voice over and over and over again.......
Lucy can hug her baby
Lucy can wave Bye Bye , she thinks she's the Queen
Lucy can do much much more!... and learning something new everyday.

I just love her. She's Beautiful!


  1. She IS beautiful! And we have yet to meet her!

  2. Aww....yay so cute!
    And seriously more dang it!

  3. I love her too! I wish we lived closer so we could play more! Maybe one day..

  4. so cute. Glad you're paying attention and appreciating her :)

  5. oh how cute is that! she sounds like a little stinker of love. cant wait till the reunion to meet her:)

  6. I can't wait to see you guys at the reunion!! You have the cutest little family! She is just a growin like crazy! How fun!

  7. She is so darn cute!!! I love how she waves bye, its so cute! Love you new back ground too!!