Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Fun

It's starting to feel like fall, and that's OK !.... I love summer and am sad to see it so quickly departing. Today on this wonderful blog, I'm mostly posting up pictures of the Olsen /Olson? I forget :) family reunion (blakes side) in Mountain View,where we all stayed at Payne Lake lodge, which I absolutely Loved! I absolutely love Mountain View and Waterton and so my heart was reunited once again with the piece it left behind (since a pice of my heart resides in waterton all year round). So you can imagine how Happy I was to bring Lucy up the Ol Bears Hump! her first of many I hope. Just look at em pics!

Lucy and Blake getting ready to climb!

Climbing! (blake is sooo stong, one of the reasons I married him of course)

If only Lucy knew ho
w cool she was at the moment! hopefully she will understand how awesome and magical Waterton is someday....

and of course we have to cruise the town while we are there!

can I just say how much I love this little Umbrella stroller? it fit's everywhere, it's a feather weight... Lucy loves being so close to the ground close to all the action.. she could stay in there for HOURS! and she did!


  1. Lcuy's so cute can';t believe she's one! looked like a fun trip!

  2. Your baby is wayyyy too cute Stefanie! Ahhh!! I love love loveeee Waterton so much too! Love the photos!

  3. lil Luce....soooo cute! Play date soon!