Sunday, January 16, 2011

the past 6 months....

I haven't posted anything in so long, that I don't even know where to start. So I'll just make a list and post some random pictures.
1. Scotty pants got married

(don't mind me in the middle)

2. 6 (5.5) months Pregnant
     I don't really have any pictures of this.... but it's true! little Hubeeb is coming May 2, but realistically May 10.

3. Halloween

I Think she made the cutest chimney sweep I've ever seen

4. Blake grew a beard

Blake had a photoshoot with himself and his beard.... he was so proud.

I think it took him 2 months to grow this?

I think he thought the longer it was... the more full it looked... (which is true)

3. Thanksgiving

I don't have any pictures of this but here's a picture of what I'm thankful for...
Lucy was pretty proud of her climbing skills that day

4. Christmas -
I think this was her favorite present..... she loves her little chairs 

she's just funny

She loves her BEEBEE's!

5. Utah - we drove down for a business/fun trip since blake is DONE SCHOOL!!! whoo hooo Psychology DEGREE! here we come FUTURE!

We stayed with some of Blake's family friends who have an indoor pool in their backyard... so we took advantage!

I was sad I couldn't swim. This belly has grown me out of my swimsuit, but I guess that didn't slow Lucy down. She looked like a little boy to me.... a really cute boy

In their pool, they also have this surf simulator big deal

Blake showing off his muscles!! what a BABE!

Never eat here.

We stayed across the street from the Provo temple, so we walked on over to take a peek.

We also stayed with Blakes aunt Laura, who is awesome, and Lucy just looks TOOOOO cute playing with her home furnishings.

I guess that sums everything up?


  1. Gah! No big deal about the surf simulator HAha! Those are usually at amusement parks, resorts... or BACKYARDS! Hooray about your baby #2 and also for Blake being done school... what are your plaaaaaans?

  2. Little B.....I miss you dearly....
    I want to meet your little Lucy...I think Levi would have an instant crush on her....
    And I am so excited to meet #2....
    I have been a bad friend.....
    But we have to have to have to connect some time this me and we will sort something out. :)

  3. Ohmygosh! Lucy is THECUTESTTHINGEVER!!!!

  4. Way to go~ you finally updated! :) Lucy is so adorable, and I am so excited for you guys. Congrats on having #2 on the way!

  5. You are pregnant!?? Haha, thats so awesome. We are also, but due June 22! Looks like your year has been fun-filled. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. I have a maternity swim suit if you'd like to borrow it! I LOVED swimming when I was pregnant, made me like I wasnt a ginormous whale!

  7. I didn't know Scott got married! Congrats to him!
    Love this post, a 6 months update is perfect!