Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 years old....

It's hard to believe my baby came out like this. Thank you for quickly shifting your skull back onto your head. Here is my little alien just 1 year ago.
However she quickly turned into a well rounded perfectly proportioned lady.
I could not have imagined that my sweet little angel (above) could do something like this Below) in just 1 years time. what will become of her in the next year? I'm already afraid.
Thank you for finding the flour bag on the floor, and throwing it all over..... Blake and I just stood there laughing at you while taking your pictures. Just don't do it again!!

she loved opening her presents!... sometimes.... she mostly didn't care
about anything(except for all the attention she was getting)... until we sat her on her new little car from Uncle scott and soon to be Auntie Erin!!

I don't think she could have smiled anymore!

When I turned 1 my mom made me this same bear cake... so I decided to carry on the tradition! I baked the cake.... and Blake decorated it. (what a man right?) and of course she loved it. she couldn't get enough. thats Grandpa Hyde helping her with the cake!

Lucy was such a funny girl on her birthday . I can't even believe she is 1 now. I didn't even believe she looked 1 until I saw these pictures and saw how OLD she looked!!! we love her and are so excited to see what next year will be like as she gets funnier and funnier!

Oh and did I mention she started WALKING???? yup right on her Birthday. I think that makes her officially 1?

I just can't seem to get enough of this face.... and apparently she can't either! she make it at least a hundred times a day after every thing she does.


  1. Ahhh! She is SO adorable! I can't wait (not! ;) ) for all the mischief my little guy will get into soon enough.
    ps is Scotty engaged???

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  3. i'm in love with her. she's seriously the cutest little girl.

  4. can't believe she's one and walking! yay for lucy! that cake is awesome! i'm sure she loved it!

  5. happy one year. It looks like you had a great bday lucy! hope the next year you make more messes and funnier faces:) love the Eggli's

  6. Just an awesome post Stef! I love her "o" face in the last picture! She is so darn cute, good work on the cake! And way to go Lucy with walking!!!