Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Every year my family (cousins and all) go camping at Kimball lake for 2 weeks. All they do it sit by the lake, swim, and read, and eat ice cream from the shop. It's wonderful. Maybe sometime I'll be able to go the full 2 weeks again... but until then.... we'll just go for a couple nights... which is all I really needed with Lucy pants and all. It's hard to think of camping food for a little babe.... cause if it was just blake and I, all we would eat are HOT DOGS! but seeing as how I am responsible for her health I had to switch it up a bit.... other than worrying about food, there was nothing else to worry about. Lucy was the perfect camper!
Lucy's favorite pastime at the lake... eating the sand

Trying to steel some ones snacks. I'm pretty sure she succeeded

Family dingy Pic

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  1. Lil B! Your hair is so darn pretty!! Come to Magrath and visit me!!