Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Poppy Rae Hyde

I just remembered I never posted this.... but also kind of didn't want to at the same time... but here it is! better late than never right? Poppy is 4 1/2 months old already! EEEK!

Where do I start? .... How about with it was the most amazing experience of my life!. On May 9th at 6:51 a.m Poppy Rae was born weighing a whopping 7 pounds and measuring 19 3/4 inches long.

 She was also born in my bedroom.

Everyone Should get a midwife. Well everyone should have MY midwife. I kind of love her.

I wasn't planning on having a midwife. I kind of felt a little pressured from my mom to get one (she's kind of a legend in the midwifery scene.... but that's another story). I wasn't against them or anything, it's just that I get afraid of new things sometimes, and I already knew how to do it the other way.
My midwife Noreen, was based out of Stony Plain, so for all my appointments each month I would drive for 45 minutes to get to her house. At the time I was planning to have the baby in the Stony Plain Hospital, but I couldn't imagine driving that long while having contractions. So after driving there for 5 months I decided to have the Babe at home, ... but spared sharing that news with most people because I didn't want to hear their negative comments and blah blah blahs.

I was worried at first that Blake wouldn't be all for this idea, but he was very supportive and actually seemed excited about being at home. So off we went preparing our home for the BIG DAY!,

About a week after my "due date" on Mothers day, Blake and Lucy and I went for a walk before church to get things moving. I started to feel "gassy cramps" but thought nothing of them until church at 1:00 they kept coming, just not nearly consistent enough. Slowly throughout the rest of the day they started coming more often and more intense. The only thing weird was that these contractions were Bum contractions.... no one told me you could have contractions in your bum. I've heard of bake labor... but not bum labor. Let me just tell you that it exists. I still showed my face at my moms house for mothers day dinner with all my family, prentending that nothing was going on. My grandma was the only one that caught on. She said " I think it's going to be tonight, don't you think Kim? (my mom)... she just has this far away look".  My Grandma Wins the prize! by the end the night we decided it was best to leave Lucy at my moms and see what the night had in store for us.

Blake called Noreen at 1:00 in the morning and told her we thought it was time. Then we called my momma and invited her on over for the party as well. Blake started to fill the pool up so that I could sit in nice warm water and relax as much as possible through contractions. I loved it. I wish everyone could labor in a pool. I don't know how I could have done it with it. It kept me in the Zone.

My mom arrived at 1:30am, and Noreen arrived at 2 am. She did the ol check and said I was moving right along! so I was very excited and I felt like it wouldn't be much longer.... (Little did I know that I would be stuck at 8-9 cm for like 3 hours). I was absolutely exhausted, but my pool kept be sane. My mom was their the entire time, but I don't think she said one word. She was my quiet comforter. I love her. Noreen was awesome. She made everything about me and my schedule, instead of her own. She was very patient and gave me my space, but knew when to step in and take charge as well. And step in she did. For over an hour she made me very uncomfortable... I wanted to punch her in the face and get her out of my body. I think I told her that I hated her, or something along those lines. At about 6:30 she told me to get out of the pool. I was going to squat. That was the fastest way this baby was going to come out. Off to my bedroom we went. Blake sitting in a chair to hold me up, and me squatting like a bush woman. The most intense moment of my life. The most amazing moment in my life.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. The most rewarding thing I have ever done In my life. I told Blake I can do anything now. I seriously felt like superwoman.   I just held her in my arms while they cut the cord. Then I walked to the most comfortable bed in the world (my bed in my HOUSE) and held my baby. the end.


  1. I love your story. I teared a bit inside. As in tears from my eyes, but on the inside. Such a beautiful piece of writing. MISS YOU!

  2. That is so neat. I was curious about doing a home birth for my last, but because of medical stuff I couldn't...that and Rico basically said over his cold dead body... I've heard alot of people say it completely changed giving birth for them from something scary to something wonderful. And your "squating like a bushwoman" comment made me choke on my cereal.

  3. I'm a little jealous. I dont think I'd quite want to do a home birth. I'm to scared, but I'd love to have a mid wife. Way to go!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I loved having my babe at home too. You are absolutely right, every woman should have a midwife. And I actually think my midwife is the best... but yours is probably pretty good too. And it would be hard for you to have mine, since she is in Ontario. So glad that you had such a wonderful empowering experience!

  5. Stefanie you are so awesome and I miss you so much. The bush woman comment almost made me pee. Thanks for sharing that. I love that your grandma knew what was going on and what a good way to spend the beginning part of labour. And I also agree everyone should have a midwife. I loved mine. Amazing!

  6. You are a brave woman!! I don't know if I could do it. I am so glad I finally heard the birth story!! I am so sad we never got to meet Poppy before you left. We miss you like crazy up here!!

  7. Stefanie! I hope you remember me from good ol days in Edmonton institute. I just stumbled across your blog from Jenna (Baldry- we were roommates). I LOVED this story, and completely agree with what you said. I have two girls too, and gave birth with a midwife for my second. It truly is the most amazing experience anyone could ever have. Congrats on your beautiful babies.

    Kelsey (Jensen) Hansen

  8. Kelsey I totally remember you! I just read your Post now and I'm so glad you commented. I was actually thinking about you the other day for some reason haha weird. I hope everything is good for you and congrats on having 2 girls as well! Do you have a blog?