Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Times a Ticking!

I keep comparing everything Poppy does to when Lucy did that...except I can't remember anything Lucy did because I didn't write it down anywhere! I thought I would remember but I don't... I can't remember when Lucy could roll over or when she got her first tooth..... I sort of know generally? ooops. I'll try not to make that same mistake again. but in reality I am terrible at writing things down.... so I apologize to my children in advance for knowing nothing about their childhood.

So with that being said.... Poppy just started rolling over a couple days ago both ways and is a rolling machine! she's 4 1/2 months now and is still the perfect baby. She is my smiley happy content baby, and may she never change! 

Lucy loves Poppy. So much so that she wants to care a nurture her. The other day she asked if she could feed Poppy and started lifting her shirt up. I told her no she isn't hungry right now, so she got her own baby and now breastfeeds her babydoll now. It's not uncommon for us to both be sitting down feeding our babies. haha. what a funny girl. 

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