Saturday, September 10, 2011

Medicine Hat

I live in Medicine Hat now..... which means I have no friends... not that I had a lot before, but it was nice to know people.
I think I'll start holding auditions for friends , so spread the news! this is an event that should not be missed.


  1. how was the move? did you want to move? I am having the same thing happen next year. we both will have no friends. good luck with auditions. Hopefully no weirdos!
    as for peeing when you run, it'll get better. After talia happened all the time, after jace it went away. still happens when i sneeze. Do LOTS of kegels! it will help a TON!

  2. awww sorry we never got together in the summer!!! I was your friend!!! haha. Hope you find some friends soon.

  3. worries I've been here 10 years and I have no friends either, they all moved. Sooo if youre ever bored, now you know who to call!